A Werewolf Boy, Movie (Editorial Review)

e0e9f6af44fe4ec83cdf6df463b8e49eOn Halloween I went to a wreath making party…exciting right?  And not only that but I went home early.  I live with my younger brother who was out at a costume party like any normal 20-something should be… But I was home by 9:30..  So with no one home and nothing to do I decided to watch a movie, and while I knew I couldn’t handle anything too scary, I wanted something… anything, Halloween-ish…  So I decided to try A Werewolf Boy, 늑대소년.

A Werewolf Boy, starring Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young, is the sweet and lovely story about a girl who finds a feral boy in her shed.  And this boy happens to be a werewolf.

At first glance this story is not anything remarkable.  In fact it’s just Tarzan and Jane.  With a sweet animal like guy and a spunky girl who teaches him about reading, manners, and love…

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE  Tarzan… The Disney version is one of my all time favorite movies, and when I watched Werewolf Boy, I was ready to settle in for the cheesy Korean version of that classic scenario. But a Tarzan knock off is not what I got.  f03d9501e466e4ef5e4360cd7451b474

Werewolf Boy is a sweet picture of what love really is. Throughout the movie you see the Boy learning what it means to be human.  He is being taught about having good table manners and about personal hygiene, to read and write; and through all of this we see a love story unfolding. A love story not only between the Boy and Girl, but with the Boy and the family that has taken him in.


As they teach him how to function on a basic level, I believe it is really the Boy and not the family, that shows what real love is.  He continually puts others first and shows respect and protection to those around him.  In that he really is like my Tarzan.  🙂


***********************Spoiler Section***********************

In the end, the Girl has to leave and the Boy has to stay because the government wants to destroy him…the Girl leaves him with a note.  We don’t get to see what the note says but we know it must be important. Years and years later, the Girl, now a very old woman with a granddaughter (also played by Bo Young) comes back to Korea to sell the  old house.  I suppose she thought that after all of this time, the Boy would be long gone or even killed and she doesn’t think to look for him.  Then, during the night they hear noises outside and the Girl (or rather old woman), decides to go out  and look in the old shed that she had first found him in.

The shed is FULL of plants, like someone has created a lovely home for themselves and in the back room of the shed, there is a light.  The girl reaches out to open the door, then falters.  I am sure she doesn’t know if she wants to find him or not… so much time has gone by… But she finally opens the door and there he sits…  Completely unchanged. He stands and holds the note out to her, now battered and dirty; and we finally get to see what it says.  It says to stay, that she would comeback.  The old woman realizes what she has done and begins to cry… “Why? Why did you wait? I did everything…. I lived my life..”  But we don’t hear his reply, he only hugs her.  She then says that she has changed so much… “No,” he says. “The eyes, lips, hands, you are the same… beautiful.”

I sat there, watching this and I cried. I cried ugly, full sobs.  I felt just like the Boy… sitting there alone waiting… Waiting for my life to start and a horrid bitter cold pierced me… God was this woman who had asked me to wait and I was just stuck there waiting. I felt like the movie was salt in my lonely-home-alone-living-with-my-brother-wounds.

But then I thought about it and I remembered his words and I remembered, the old woman’s question… “Why did you wait?!” And I realized that I was not the Boy, but the woman… Who was allowed to go out and live my life and God would be waiting for me, love would be waiting.

Because the Girl was worth waiting for…Because the Boy loved her.  I don’t know that the movie makers meant for all of that… But I do think that their point was this… If you love someone, they are worth waiting for. They are worth sacrifice. Because they are important.

I have a friend, that as of this month, I have officially not been friends with her, for a year…I sit and wait… Still living, still creating a home for myself… But I will be here, if she ever comes back, because love is stronger than time.

People are important they deserve respect and love…And this movie reminded me on that sad and lonely Halloween, that I too am important, worth waiting for.



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