EXO Next Door (Review)

Honesty time, I lied a couple of days ago and said that I didn’t really know much about EXO…  I was talking with someone about the group and I felt the shame of my undying love for these boys…so I not only pretended not to care, I acted like I only knew the names of Chan Yeol and DO,

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and while they are my favorites… I have a lot of mad-non-pervy noona love for all these boys…


I confess this now, as a good Kpop/Kdrama fan should… I am sorry to my fellow fans… and of course, to the boys for my moment of weakness… You know I love you!!

In all seriousness, I love EXO.  I have spent many an hour lost in the cyber black whole of gifs and pins, laughing at their amazing personalities.  And as an EXO fangirl, I have to say that EXO Next Door did not disappoint.


EXO Next Door stars, well EXO and Moon Ga Young.  With Chan Yeol, D.O., Se Hun and Baek Hyun at the fore front.  It is an absolutely adorable story about a girl who is lucky enough to have a few members of EXO move in next door.  She then has the “misfortune” of becoming their maid, and getting her life entangled with theirs.

It’s just a bundle of fun and cuteness, as the short series goes through all the Kdrama tropes but still leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling because these actors are just so dang cute.


You have everything from a romantic love triangle to an awesome bromance between Se Hun and the main girl’s brother, played by Jang Yoo Sang.  (Seriously, these guys stole huge parts of the show.)


What I didn’t like… Well, I am not a fan of the awkward fan servicing… And this had a really awkward fan service scene.  Also, since the actors were playing “themselves” it would have been more fun to see Chan Yeol playing his Happy Virus self… and not this grumpy-lead-role-stereo-type version of himself.. But given the fact that the writer’s added a pretty good reason for him to be grumpy, (his grandfather dying) and then backed that up even more as the show revealed what was really going on, I could really get on board with the character and story once I knew the reasoning behind the grumpy behavior.

In the end none of that mattered, when you had so much to love… Like this scene, when the guys all meet their leading lady, and we see her major problem with blushing, which is a theme throughout the show.


EXO Next Door is 16, 15 minute episodes.  I give it 9 out of 10 Happy Claps, for being all that a short series should be.



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