Boys Over Flowers (Review)

It was my second drama, I was sucked  into this new thing called Kdrama.  I wanted, no, I NEEDED more… I didn’t know what drama should be, or how good it could be, I just knew what was in front of me and Boys Over Flowers, familiar in its anime like style was feeding the need.  I didn’t know better, so I fell in love… This is my story, this is every  newbie’s story, because every newbie has the right to have a BOF crack-like mistake.950cf8de898be3da1ff7664d26a7f638

Jun Di is a poor candy girl who saves the life of a bullied student at a prep school and is given a scholarship to said school.  She then faces off with the aforementioned bullies and wins them over with determination, high-kicks, loud talking and a total lack of table manners.


Jun Di finds herself in a love triangle between the leader of the bullies and his best friend. Crazy antics ensue, causing you, the viewer to go on a roller coaster of emotions that confuse you into the thinking that you are in love BOF with all your heart. Later, when you come out of it and have dealt with your drama hang over, you realize the drama is over the top and sub-par at best… That being said, there is something about Boys Over Flowers that not only has turned it into a drama classic, but has endeared it to our hearts.


It has been compared to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and rightly so, with a hero like Joon Pyo.  He is by many rights a whinny, teenage, Korean version of Darcy, but unlike Pride and Prejudice, BOF’s hero is not so much rude, shy and misjudged, but is in fact a horribly spoiled boy.  A boy who thinks that a good way to deal with being insulted is by causing an entire student body to turn on one student. And the best way to woo a girl is to literally kidnap her and force her into a makeover.  boys over flowers makeover






And yet, my Joon Pyo is the best part of this drama and he will forever stay with me.  He has a great character arch. He learns and grows from his actions…changing from the boy into a man, as he finally sees how his actions affect others and takes measures to change.


The boys friendships with each other, the character growth of the male lead and the awesome side characters like Jun Di’s crazy family, make this a drama that touches your heart and makes you always look back with fond memories.

Boys Over Flowers is like McDonald’s fries… Do we now know that it’s bad for us, and that there are better healthier choices?  Yes, but we will always look back with a longing for that addictive salty moment before we knew what they were really made of.

Boys Over Flowers, a mistake?  Maybe, but like that first boyfriend…it’s a mistake that everyone has the right to and should


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