Moorim School Episode 1 Review

Lately, I have been working a lot and I haven’t had the time to really watch. Because of this, I made a pact with myself to only start a new drama if I finished one first… Last night,  puppy fed and dishes washed, I snugged onto the couch to watch one of my other active dramas, but it was a cold night…a dreary night… the perfect night to watch something magical.517999e87f274610d7337580ecad8ca2

Moorim School is the story of two young men who find themselves being draw to a mysterious school, where the students may not be your average group of scholars.

It stars: Lee Hyun Woo, Lee Hong Bin, Seo Ye Ji and Jung Yoo Jin.  I was excited about the casting of Lee Hyun Woo, who played the second lead in To the Beautiful You. He is one of my charming younger stars that just make me smile, when he smiles…


I affectionately nicknamed Frankie, while watching TTBY because I could not get his characters name and I was tired of calling him “that other guy.”  Little did I know, his boyish smile and quirky charm was going to be replaced with chocolate abs and enough fan servicing to turn anyone into a total pervy noona…


Why, drama, why?  I was so content to have him remain as the cutie-pie forever. BUT….


The drama won… So, thanks for that.






The first episode opens with a full on kick-butt-sexy-sexy fight scene, between a man holding a child, and a group of men wielding dagger like weapons ( they look like something Batman would have on his belt, the cool Christian Bale Batman, not Adam West).  I was so interested in the scene that I had to rewind it multiple times as my puppy, Lewis, kept distracting me… I don’t normally care about fight scenes, or rewind them when something distracts me.  My mind glazes over them and I come back into the show just in time to see who won.  But this was a scene that was interesting in its story telling, and beauty of the fight that I wanted to get the full view of it.


Transported in time, we meet our leading men, a young chaybol and an idol star who seem to be connected to each other and to the school that they are being led to for one reason or another.

I was not super excited or interested in the beginning plot line as the guys go to or perform in a concert.  I only sort of cared as they complained about being put in the same hotel room by mistake, and ran into two pretty girls that are defiantly going to be our female leads.  BUT thankfully all of this is just set up and we very quickly get into the meat of the story, as the idol finds himself performing superhuman acts and we get to the actual school within the first episode.  Thank you drama, for setting up our characters, grounding them in reality, and then dumping them in the new world.  Now let’s see how these pretty boys fare being in the same dorm room.  I am well pleased.

At first glance, MS is filmed beautifully, has characters that seem funny and cool… and seems to be setting up just the right amount of an awesome cast and an intriguing premise.

I was immediately, excited to know more about this school and what looked like a mix of characters.  I am excited to see more!



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