Let’s Eat: Mid-Watch Review

So…  It’s been awhile… but rather than get into a long post on what happened… Let’s just say life… and leave it at that.

But the good news is I am BACK and I am in love with dramas again.   What am I watching?

The original “Let’s Eat” starring: Lee Soo Kyung, Yoon Doo Joon, Yoom So Hee and Shim Hyung Tak.    I know this one has been out for awhile… but it’s my first time through…
So let’s dig in anyway.  download

Let’s Eat, in it’s most basic formatting is food porn.  I don’t usually like this term but there is nothing else to call it.  Each episode has at least one scene with the characters enjoying and devouring food in an almost erotic manner.  There depth of love for food out ways some of the most romantic love scenes ever.  Now, I don’t mean to make this sound dirty, because it’s not… bu the drama makers knew what they were doing.vlcsnap-2013-12-07-13h34m23s144


Now, I should warn you, if you watch this show, you will be starving… You will have to eat something either during or just after watching… There is no way to watch someone enjoy delicious looking food that much and not be starving yourself


So why keep watching?  Yeah, I mean if that’s all there was to the story, people eating food… it might get old, but the eating portion of the show is masterfully weaved through a very fun and interesting plot.

The plot:  As far as I can tell, this is the story of four lonely people that are becoming friends over their love of food.  Seems sweet enough… But then we find out that there are murders happening in the neighborhood and a mystery ensues.  We find that one of the male leads has been a secret admirer of one of the female leads for years and we keep watching one of the characters lie about… pretty  much everything, as if he has a secret to hide.  Add in a dose of adorable side characters and you have a winning combination.  I came for the food but I’m staying for the interesting characters.  I want to know what is going to happen next and since this drama is a little out the ordinary category wise (it’s not strictly a romance or a mystery) it’s really tough to tell what is going to happen next… Which is both super fun and maddening.


So what is this drama teaching me?  Well, it’s the first one I have been this hooked to in a long time… so that’s nice.  But it’s also teaching me about loving food.  The main theme of the show  IS FOOD…   It’s about loving food and enjoying it.  And it’s about eating good food.  Not just whatever food…but well made, excellent food.  I think that such an important thing to learn and remember… We as humans need to have food to live…but to live well we need to have excellent food and we need to take the time to stop and enjoy the food before us.  Since I have been watching the show, I have been taking time to really stop and enjoy the food I am eating.  Turn off the devices and really taste each bite.  And to really invest in some good quality meals…not just a cup of noodles and a can of this or that, but really good food.  I think we as humans need to experience excellence, and that should include what we are consuming… After all you are what you eat.

lets eat


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