Here you will see my regular  reviews on the best K-Kisses in my favorite dramas. (In no particular order…)

 Oh My Ghostess:

Oh My Ghostess @ HanCinema:

Okay,  so this is a hug, not a kiss… But this hug  stayed with me more than any kiss.  I have literally looked this hug to cheer myself up.  His sweetness to her, his  totally affection, and the actor’s (Jo Jung Suk) ability to engulf her in his arms… Sigh… It was a wonderful moment.  Side note: Jo Jung Suk was quoted in saying that he couldn’t play grumpy or annoyed appose his leading lady, Park Bo Young, because she was just too cute to be mean to… I think this might have added to the palpable chemistry in this scene.




My Love From Another Star:  1dbeafe965b6da0982d7e929d301276e

What could be more romantic than a man stopping you in mid-storm off, to float you back, right into his arms?  Maybe if that man knows that by kissing you he will become ill and simultaneously break his careful facade (which was meant to make you believe that he hated you). And dang if it wasn’t in a beautiful Christmas style village.

Personal Taste: 


The neck kiss is one of the sweetest moments I have seen in dramas.  Lee Min Ho is helping her blow dry her hair and then just has a moment of pure longing and kisses the soft back of her neck.  The moment is so tender it nearly knocks you over… And given the subtext of PT is all about sexual desire and what that means, the good and the bad of it… To have a moment charged with sexual passion, that does not end in the consummation of that desire, but rather shows the tender longings of real love, well… It nearly  exploded my pretty little heart.

Kill Me, Heal Me: 


A magical first kiss… with the “wrong personality.” This was just a great moment in the show…that led to awesome awkwardness, when our leading man and dominate personality woke up to find himself kissing an acquaintance.



Bride of the Century:  


Yes, that is Lee Hong Ki kissing a kitty…and you’re welcome.  (The kitten’s name is Cocoa.)



Love Rain: 


This kiss was such a mixed bag…on the one had it was sort of steamy. I loved the song that played in the background (and FYI, it will get stuck in your head forever.)

On the other hand…it almost looks too aggressive on Jang Guen Suk’s part, with Yo Na playing a chaste girl, who pretty much just stands there. This in a way makes it look like he is eating her face.

You would think this would make it an undesirable scene, but with the lighting and fountain it is also a very pretty.

It’s memorable, pretty and maybe too much?  It’s complicated and I think that is why I liked it.